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Your Enneagram Coach
Brenda Malone (RGI)
Dr. Zowee Shanks
Crystal Archie
4D Solutions

Missionary On The Go: A 30-Day Devotional for World Changers
Stories from South Africa

War In The Spirit Series
Rivers of Life Devotional
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Flourish in Faith & Business? 
Christina Sheer
Sheer Wisdom provides brand clarity resources + coaching services to equip faith-forward entrepreneurs to turn their passion into action. Enjoy one of these free downloads: 
 Flourish In Faith Prayer Pledge (Coming 2021)
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 Highway of Destiny
 Mission Field 2.0 (The Internet)
 Stand + Shout 
Discover the Sheer Wisdom podcast where we believe faith and business go hand in hand and equip you to live a faith-forward lifestyle. Hosted by Social Media Evangelist, Speaker, and Brandsmith, Christina Sheer will show you how to flourish in faith as you conquer purpose paralysis and put your passion into action.

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"I self-published my first book in 90 days which would never have been possible without ... Sheer Widom."
- Brenda Malone, Author of the War In The Spirit Series & Founder of Righteous Group Ink

Are you ready to
Flourish in Faith 
& Business? 
Christina Sheer
Brandsmith I Speaker I Author 

Are you ready to
Flourish in Faith 
& Business? 
Christina Sheer
Brandsmith I Speaker I Author 
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What Is Really Important
Kirk White & Christina Sheer discuss what is really important in faith and business. 
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Christina Sheer provides a 
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