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About our Founder | Christina Sheer

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Empower Your Business with Strategic Marketing + Operations Solutions

Christina Sheer is an accomplished marketing professional based in Farmington Hills, Michigan serving clients both locally and globally. She has a Recording Industry Management degree from Middle Tennessee State University, which she has used to provide 20+ years of brand management for recognizable brands, a Grammy Award-winning songwriter, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. She specializes in the areas of communications, branding, social media, content creation, project management, and cause-related marketing. She’s a published author, global speaker, and former missionary who previously lived in Cape Town, South Africa.


Fun Fact: She is an Enneagram Type 2 and Certified Enneagram Coach who offers Enneagram Group Workshops! 


801 W Big Beaver Rd

Suite 300, Troy, MI 48084





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Our Clients Say

Choice Summit 2024 - Suzie Barbour Christina Sheer Nashville, TN

"Christina is truly the greatest example of a servant-hearted leader. She is brilliant at ideating and developing strategies for marketing/operational growth, but she doesn't stop at developing. She is also able to roll up her sleeves and impeccably execute those strategies, keeping a variety of priorities organized as execution occurs. 


She has a diverse skill set, is highly organized, is a kind and wise leader, and is a strong communicator both in person and in writing—with great presentation skills! She's easy to manage and lead, a trusted partner for Executive Leaders, and consistent in results delivery that exceeds expectations.


I feel fully confident in joyfully recommending her for a leadership role on any team. She'd make a phenomenal CMO or Marketing Leader and is also highly gifted in Operations." 

Suzie Barbour

Rivour Financial, CSO (Michael Hyatt & Company/Full Focus), Your Enneagram Coach, Get Motivated Seminars)

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Christina, a woman of true inspiration and a spiritual fire starter that will ignite your God-given passions, talents, desires and dreams with each encounter. 

Charlene Biggs

Levav Life

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